Established in 2007, Platinum VIP was created to cater to the needs of automotive enthusiasts who strive for perfection.
Our deep passion for cars, obsession to details, dedication to craftsmanship, and commitment to luxury is why we are the benchmark in the industry.
Our mission is to deliver the highest quality products and outstanding level of customer service to our loyal customers.
With over 15 years of experience, we are a collision center & auto spa where luxury meets performance and where our customers indulge in perfection.

We’ve actually been around since the 90’s and have steadily evolved to who we are today.
In 1996, we started Premier Autoworks in La Habra, CA during the rise of the import motorsports scene.
We were at the forefront of the import subculture and can proudly say that we helped it grow to what is has become today.
In 2004, we moved to a bigger facility in El Monte, CA where we could accommodate collision repair and renamed ourselves Premier Auto Collision.
We felt that auto enthusiasts needed a body shop that spoke their language and understood their needs when accidents happened.
In 2007, we moved to our current facility in Irwindale, CA and renamed ourselves Platinum VIP.

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